Who We Are

Janson Construction is a general contractor for SC and GA that came to fruition in 2005. Janson’s founders, Red Harding and Jay Armstrong, had a vision to combine their experience and passion to the construction industry. Their vision was to create a company of excellent quality, service, and value. Unfortunately, Red Harding passed away in 2016 due to health complications. Today, the vision of Janson continues forward! Jay and his team strive to live out the core values that have defined the company’s success since 2005. Janson is committed to its customers and employees.

Our Values

The Janson IDEAS are values that we practice daily as a company. It is essential that we operate in a manner consistent with our values and in compliance with our ethical principles and the law. To achieve that, five basic core values guide our behavior in all aspects of our business activity. These values are our standards for all employees and for all those associated with Janson Construction.

  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Excellence
  • Attitude
  • Safety

Our Team

Jay Armstrong


Red Harding

In memory Of

Nate Jones

Project Manager

Kamron Reames

Buisness Manager

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